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FareXChange -

A Profile for exchanging UK Bus Fare data

FareXChange is a specification for using the CEN NeTEx standard to exchange a UK Bus Fare data as XML files. The goal of NeTEx is to provide a efficient European wide standard for exchanging Public Transport schedules and related data.
  • This is a development site for use during the development of the UK specific FareXChange. It will be retired at some future date.

The FareXChange profile

The UK FareXChange profile specifies UK specific scoping recommendations and coding standards for coding UK bus fares in NeTEx.

The UK profile is divided into two parts:

  1. Core profile: covering common concepts for versioning, stops and simple timetables. conformant to the European Passenger Information Profile.
  2. Fare profile, covering UK bus fares. This is divide into a basic and a complex part.

The draft specification for thw profile can be downloaded here

The CEN NeTEx format

NeTEx is a general purpose format capable of exchanging passenger information such as stops, timetables and fares  for Rail, Bus, Coach, Ferry, Air or any other mode of public transport.

Both the UK FareXChange profile and the NeTEx schema are free to use. The  its development of NeTEx is managed by the CEN standards process.